The Ultimate Skincare Experience is Here.

Create Your Skincare teaches you how to design one-of-a-kind, boutique skincare that gives you, and your customers the results you want: clear, luminous skin for life!

Have you ever heard the phrase “one size doesn’t fit all?”


Well, it’s true. Especially for skincare………

Every person is an individual with unique needs, and just like there’s no one diet that’s perfect for everyone, there’s no one skincare regimen that’s perfect for everyone.

Approaching the skin as a generic type leaves out a huge piece of the whole picture--the picture of the individual person whose skin is a living, breathing, ever-changing organ. The skin changes with the seasons, with different foods, with the environment, because of life events like pregnancy or menopause, and simply with age. But guess what? Products formulated for generic types stay the same, and often stop meeting people’s changing needs.

This is Typically When You Hear:

“I’ve been using this product for years, and while it’s nice, I just don’t feel like it’s making a difference in my skin.”


“I’ve been using this product for years, and I don’t know what happened, but my skin’s been feeling really dry and tight lately so I don’t think it works anymore.”


“My skin was doing really well with the products you gave me until I got pregnant, and now my skin’s a sensitive, broken out mess.”

Regular tuition is $997. You save at least $200 by enrolling by 8/31/16.

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How would it feel to be able to offer that customer a more customized skincare solution, that would meet her needs when something about her skin inevitably changes?

Learning to create and customize boutique skincare products for your customers is that solution. This way, your customers will have skincare that’s one-of-a-kind as they are--which you can easily adjust whenever needed. Not only have you solved your customers’ skincare needs, but you’ve also gotten yourself a customer for life.


I Created Create Your Skincare Because I Can’t Make Custom Products for Everybody.

I wanted to empower other professionals who work with skincare customers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create this same type of boutique experience for their own customers.

This isn’t just a course that teaches recipes and formulas, because there’s more to skincare than just science and numbers. Creating boutique skincare products is an art. I’ll teach you the art of how to design ALL-NATURAL and ORGANIC skincare (sans icky chemicals) to meet the needs of different skin types and customers’ individual skin goals.

Inside you’ll find……


~5 modules of video lectures and demonstrations

~A downloadable and interactive Course Planner and Master Formulary which is your roadmap through the program, plus helps you record your ingredients and formulas, and track your progress.

~Digital workbooks you can use to identify Synergistic Skincare Combinations™ and create Ingredient Profiles

~Other downloadable PDF resources, including a jam-packed Ingredients for Your Skin Combination chart, shopping list, preferred suppliers list, and more

~A fabulous Bonus Module with additional recipes, Words of Wisdom from the Pros, what steps to take if you want to sell your skincare products, how to incorporate flower and gemstone essences into your products, plus the ENTIRE Create Your Skincare for the Holidays course

~6 weekly live Q&A calls that include additional training for each module

~Access to our students-only Create Your Skincare Facebook community where you can connect with your current classmates, CYS alumni, and get support from our Aromatherapy Instructor, Anna Doxie, and me

~The option to pass a final exam and design critique and earn a gorgeous Boutique Skincare Designer certification

~And more!

Regular tuition is $997. You save at least $200 by enrolling by 8/31/16.

*By clicking on this page you are accepting these Terms of Use and License Agreement.

Payment Plan available


This is NOT Your Average Skincare Formulation Course. Here's Why:

Create Your Skincare combines the best elements of live instruction with the convenience of online education in an interactive, supportive, and fun multimedia platform. You get constant support whenever you need it before, during, and after the course is over--and best of all, you get LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to all course materials and the Create Your Skincare online community, and you can retake the course whenever you want--AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Kim Handy

Before Create Your Skincare, I was really frustrated because I had taken skincare formulation courses in the past, but for some reason I did not have the confidence I needed to move forward with creating custom products for myself and others. I learned so much in Create Your Skincare. I would recommend this course to anyone who does not have a chemist or science background, like me. I have gained the confidence as a professional skincare formulator that I was looking for.

Kim Handy
Jennifer Devlin-Waller

As the owner of an artisan skincare business, I am always seeking out ways to increase my knowledge of creating beautiful, safe skincare. I invested in Rachael's class because we share the same philosophy when it comes to making products. I was NOT disappointed! Her style of teaching is fun and concise, and it was easy to comprehend and follow. The knowledge and expertise she shares make the course invaluable. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to take their skills to the next level.

Jennifer Devlin-Waller
Celtic Complexion Luxury Artisan Skin Care

CYS-2016-Course-CatalogFor more testimonials, a full course syllabus, FAQs, information about our Boutique Skincare Designer™ certification, and anything else you'd like to know about the course, click HERE to download your complete Create Your Skincare Course Catalog.

Customers are more educated about skincare, ingredients, and products than ever before.

They also want to be treated as individuals, not as generic types. They now expect a customized, boutique skincare experience, and that’s a trend that’s here to stay.

By learning to approach skincare beyond type-specific formulation, and create truly custom, natural, luxurious products, you truly have the opportunity to make a positive impact on how your customers care for their skin--and themselves. And in doing so, your own position as a natural skincare expert will continue to rise.

Regular tuition is $997. You save at least $200 by enrolling by 8/31/16.

*By clicking on this page you are accepting these Terms of Use and License Agreement.

Payment Plan Available

Rachael Pontillo, Holistic Skincare Author, Educator, Formulator, Coach, and Licensed Aesthetician

When you enroll early, you not only SAVE $200 off tuition, but you also get extra time to complete your orientation work and your Prerequisite Module, access early support in the students-only Facebook group, and get a jump start on selecting and purchasing ingredients and supplies! The time to Create Your Skincare is NOW.

I'm so excited to have you in class!